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Free shipping Australia wide!
Free shipping Australia wide!

Subwoofer for Soundbar Sound+


Thank you for purchasing this Samsung SWA-W700 Subwoofer. I am sorry to hear that you were not completely satisfied with the subwoofer sound performance.

Please know that when a subwoofer is connected to the soundbar, the Bass button on the remote becomes the Subwoofer key. You can push the button up or down to adjust the subwoofer volume.

Because the subwoofer is designed to pick up and amplify low frequency sounds, you won’t always hear it. To test if the sub-woofer is working properly, we recommend you play a Blu-ray or UHD DVD movie with plenty of explosions, and place your hand on the subwoofer. You should feel vibrations as the unit receives and transmits the incoming audio from the content.
Another good test is to play music content with deep bass via Bluetooth connection, as it is not dependent on “effects” decoding.